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Many people in the modern world recognise the word Celtic as a label for those of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Cornelian origin, though the latter is not so much as was in the past. This may ring true in the modern era but in history the ‘Celtic’ peoples was not as small or as simple as that. Many may have heard of the Celtic peoples whilst skimming through history books or may have heard a small mention of a Celtic presence in different histories taught in Roman or Greek lessons, if so lucky even in ancient French, Spanish, and Eastern European history as well but as you are about to find out there is a lot more to the ‘Celtic’ peoples than many presume to know.

The Celts (Celtic peoples) were nomadic peoples that had flourished from 1200BC-400AD after the Roman Conquest, this era known as the Hallstatt era. They…

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Source: Kavanagh’s/’The Gravediggers’, Dublin 9

Australian National Maritime Museum

Lantern glass slide depicting a painting of James Caird by George Marston Lantern glass slide depicting a painting of James Caird by George Marston. ANMM Collection, 00054094

On 24 April 1916, 99 years ago, Antarctic expedition leader Sir Ernest Shackleton, his Endurance skipper Frank Worsley and four of his crew loaded into the seven-metre lifeboat James Caird and set sail from the rocky spit of the sub-Antarctic Elephant Island to reach help across the treacherous southern oceans, leaving 22 men behind on the barren outcrop.

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Mola Mola

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The Great Outdoors In Kerry..

Irish Pubs Global

Source: Maureen Mccarthy,

Friday, 02nd Sept, 2011

The family of Somers pubs is about to get bigger now that Mr. Dooley’s is opening in Cohasset.

The new Mr. Dooley’s is scheduled to open to the public in mid-September at 9 Depot Court in Cohasset Village.

“There is always a need for a good pub,” John Joe Somers, CEO of Somers Pubs, said when describing the draw to Cohasset. “And when I saw this little niche, I went for it.”

The pub will be modeled after the Mr. Dooley’s in Boston’s financial district and the more recently opened Wrentham location. Other Somers pubs include the Green Dragon, Hennessy’s of Boston, Durty Nelly’s and Paddy O’s.

The Cohasset Mr. Dooley’s will feature a mix of American food, such as burgers and steak tips, and traditional Irish fare, such as shepherd’s pie and corned beef.

The quest for a Cohasset location began…

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Lovely walk into Sauce Creek stop off at

ImageImageImageImageImage  lovely Traditional Pub/Restaurant on the way back to Dingle Via The Connor Pass.Image,-10.062535&hl=zh&gl=cn